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3PL – Third Party Logistics

We understand the importance of warehousing in the larger supply chain cycle. More importantly, we understand how to make it work.

Bonded or non-bonded alternatives

Spread across 20+ States in India

Real-time visibility to control & improve order cycle time

Sample Solutions

  • Strategically located state-of- the-art logistics centers offering bonded or non-bonded alternatives
         – to store and manage needs of different industries
  • Spread across 40+ cities in India, our fulfillment centres enable efficient multi-tenant, multi-location warehousing
         – enabling you to quickly and flexibly scale operations across India with zero fixed costs
  • Propelled by cutting-edge technology and IT integrated processes (OMS, WMS, POS, B2B portals)
         – ensuring your storage requirements and inventory management needs are met and you get real-time visibility to control stock levels, streamline purchases and improve your order cycle time


  • Network Design
  • Inventory Placement & Optimization
  • End-to-End Visibility and Control
  • Decision Support System
  • Multi-Channel, Multi-Tenant Operations